Season 2



Episode 5: Desert Vibes

Dine photographer Tyana Arviso talks about her moody desert photos and photographing sacred places.

Episode 4: #VisitWithRespect

Sometimes we don’t know how to visit a place. Photos on Instagram inspire us to see the world, but at what cost?

Episode 3: Augmented Reality

Mesa Verde National Park is using new technology to re-interpret exhibits in the park museum.


Episode 2: Two-Spirits

Two Spirit people have been part of Indigenous culture since the beginning.

Episode 1: Art in the Park

Artist-in-Residence Rosie Carter talks about her two weeks living and creating in Mesa Verde National Park.



Season 1


Episode 5: Esther

From the 1940s until the 1970s, one of the most well-known exhibits in Mesa Verde's museum contained a human body - the mummified remains of a young woman known as Esther.

Episode 4: Ancient Corn, Modern Questions

Corn or "maize" has been a significant part of life for the Hopi and Pueblo people for ... well, for as long as any of them can remember.

Episode 3: Loving the Past to Death

Cally visits Ballroom Cave, a site impacted by hikers and in need of restoration in an archaeologically rich part of southeast Utah.


Episode 2: What’s an Anasazi?

There isn't a tribe in the Southwest today called the Anasazi -- and there never was.

Episode 2: Preservation Paradox

What should be done when the ancient sites in the Southwest are in danger of collapse? Anything?



Pilot Season


Episode 3: Moving On

Why did people leave the Mesa Verde region? It wasn't just the drought.

Episode 2: Corn = Life

Using experimental gardens and historic climate data, archaeologists are able to predict the size of past corn harvests, providing new insights into how big droughts affected ancient people's food security.

Episode 1: Revealed by Fire

Wildfires present both threats and opportunities to archaeological research.