Mesa Verde Voices is a podcast that connects the past with the present through stories about people, places, and agriculture in the American Southwest.  


Ep. 3 - Moving On

Why did people leave the Mesa Verde region? It wasn't just the drought.
Archaeologist Donna Glowacki on the social, religious, and political factors that influenced the decision to leave the Mesa Verde region.

Ep. 2 - Corn = Life

Archaeologists replicate ancient corn harvests.
Using experimental gardens and historic climate data, archaeologists are able to predict the size of past corn harvests, providing new insights into how big droughts affected ancient people's food security.

Ep. 1 - Revealed by Fire

Wildfires present both threats and opportunities to archaeological research.
Large wildfires in recent decades threatened to destroy important archaeological sites in Mesa Verde National Park, but also revealed previously hidden treasures.